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Awaken your true voice and align it with your pure presence in this supportive vocal coaching session. In these sessions I will share some gentle yet powerful exercises that give your voice permission to release and reveal its authentic sound. As I guide you through these exercises, you will begin to have an awareness of your voice like never before and come to understand it as the wonderful healing tool it was meant to be. Once you reclaim your voice and allow it to soothe your system and smooth your thought patterns, you will realise it is a gift for you first and a gift you can feel more confident sharing with others. These sessions will give you tools to expand and grow from whatever level of vocal expression you are at and enhance your connection with your true self. They are perfect for anyone from complete beginners to experienced singers, public speakers, performers and beyond. 

I look forward to supporting you in healing and empowering your voice!

  • Available Online

    30 min

    144 British pounds
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