I am a Singer-Songwriter and performer with a passion for beats and rhythms, a deep love of melody and lyrical flows, and a gift for connecting to divine resonant frequencies and translating them into sound, music and movement. Whether I am creating ambient songs or healing sound journeys, I am always attuning to my higher self and pure consciousness. Bringing through the messages I am guided to share for deep, loving and joyful transformational experiences. By stepping into a space of embodied connection, each time I create a unique healing journey for myself and the listener, inviting you to clear away any blocks and distortions and opening to an elevated and grounded connection with your highest self. The more that you listen and absorb the frequencies, the closer you become aligned to your true essence and anchor into your beautiful body. Resonating at higher frequencies, you are supported in connecting with your purest source even stronger and allow your limitless self to guide your life.



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